The History of Boba Bubble Tea Drinks

Did you ever wonder where Bubble/Boba Drinks came from? When did people start enjoying a delicious cup of Boba Tea? Boba tea originated in Taiwan in the early 1980's.  It includes tea made without milk and milk tea varieties. It has a wide range of different flavors. Some popular fruit flavors include strawberry, melon, honeydew, mango, and banana.  Favorite teas are black tea, green tea, and matcha tea.

In the United States, Taiwanese immigrants helped make Boba Tea and Bubble Tea stores popular. Los Angeles, CA, was home to some of the first Boba shops in the United States.

Besides the tapioca Boba Balls, most people add sugar to Boba tea (and often creamer) according to taste. Some people like it sweeter; others like it less sweet and sugary. The great thing is, when you make it yourself, you can make your cup of Boba Bubble Tea with just the right amount of sweetener for you!