4 Reasons to Make Bubble Boba Tea with Your Children

Here are four great reasons to have fun making Bubble Boba Tea with your children:

1. They can practice measuring. While following our easy-to-use Boba Tea Kit directions, children can practice their measuring skills when measuring some of the ingredients, such as the water to boil the tapioca Boba Bubble Tea Balls.  This is actually teaching math skills, in a fun way!

2. They can learn about safe kitchen practices. You have the chance to show them how to be safe while boiling the water and working near a hot stove to make the Bubble Boba Tea Drink. These are lessons they can carry throughout all their cooking experiences.

3.  They can learn to try a new food, and enjoy sampling different flavors of Boba/Bubble tea. There are so many flavors to try, from strawberry to mango Boba tea, to honeydew bubble tea. Try our variety pack if you really want to experience a number of different flavors at once!

4. It's such a fun and unique way for you and your children / family to spend time together.  Mixing up bubble / boba tea drinks together is sure to be a memory your children enjoy for a long time.