3 Steps to Making Natural Boba Bubble Tea with Real Natural Tea

Bubble  boba tea can be enjoyed by everyone, and can be made easily at home. With our easy kits at www.mamabearboba.com , anyone can enjoy the delicious taste of Bubble Tea!   We sell a variety of kits, some of them contain wonderfully flavored powdered milk tea. Some of our bubble boba tea kits contain various types of natural unsweetened tea, for those who prefer a more down-to-earth, unsweetened natural flavor of Bubble Tea.  Here are 3 steps to making the natural variety of Bubble boba tea:

1. Cook your Boba tapioca pearls according to instructions. Have these cooked and ready to go. If you like, you can sweeten them with a bit of honey or maple syrup.

2. Make your tea. Seep your teabag in hot water to taste.  Some people like stronger tea, others like a more mild flavor.

3. Mix together and add any flavors/milk. Mix the Boba Pearls into the natural tea and stir. Then, add any flavorings you desire. Perhaps a touch of honey or something natural like raw sugar to sweeten the tea. Add some milk (almond or coconut milk are good options also).  Mix together and enjoy your Boba Bubble Tea. So easy to make -- so fun to drink.