3 Common Questions about Boba / Bubble Tea Answered!

Do you have questions about Boba Tea? We have answers! Here are answers to three commonly asked questions about Boba/Bubble Tea.

1. What are the Boba / Bubble Balls made of? Boba Balls are the round balls in Boba Tea, and they are tapioca balls or tapioca pearls. They consist of cassava starch which is from yuca (a vegetable from South America).

2. Can I drink Bubble Tea every day?  Boba tea made from natural tea leaves may contain some caffeine, giving you a morning/afternoon/or evening boost of energy.  The milk tea mixes are delicious, so often people drink one for dessert. The tapioca pearls in Boba Tea can actually help aid in digestion.

3.  Is Bubble Tea hard to make? No! Not with our easy do-it-yourself kits from Mama Bear Boba. We include easy-to-follow directions, Boba Balls, Bubble tea straws, and flavored milk tea packets!